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Online 3-Card Poker

Similar to the classic English card game of Brag, 3-Card Poker is a popular casino game where players take on the dealer.

Where Caribbean Stud is played like poker, with the best 5-card poker hand winning, 3-card Poker is played with just three cards. The aim is to beat the dealer's hand. Even better, if you beat the dealer when he holds a "qualifying hand" of queen-high or better.

There's little strategy but players simply have to beat the dealer's 3-card poker hand. With online versions of the game there are added bonuses which can pay extra winnings. Even better, you can try the game for free to test out a few plays and strategies.

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History of Online 3-Card Poker

If you grew up gambling on cards in the US, you've probably come across 3-card Brag. A simple game, players are dealt three cards and have to bet against other players. The showdown takes place when all betting has finished.

Casino 3-card Poker just takes things up a notch and pits the player against the House. There's not too much strategy involved: you get dealt your hand and must make a decision to bet or fold. The rest is down to luck.

3-Card Poker first appeared in the mid 1990s as an online extension of Brag. It's sometimes played in the US under the name, 'Tri Poker'.

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Three Card Poker

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How to Play 3-Card Poker Online

3-Card Poker is a fast game played against the House.

There are three areas to drag chips onto: ANTE, PLAY, and PAIR PLUS. Games are typically played with just one deck which is shuffled after every hand.

Placing Bets: Players place an initial bet, called an ante, plus an optional side bet wager. The Dealer and Player are dealt three cards. You then make a decision to equal the ante or fold your hand. If you want to play on, you match your ante in the PLAY area of the table.

After making a decision, the Dealer reveals his hand. If your hand beats his, you win. The Dealer's hand must be queen-high or higher to qualify.

Ranking of hands follows poker rankings, altered slightly due to the three cards. Unlike 3-card Brag, three-of-a-kind (prial) isn't the best hand, but a Straight does beat a Flush:

  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • One Pair
  • High Card

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