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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is a popular casino card game that has migrated from its traditional cruise ship home to become a big game online.

It's a simple game to pick up and if you're familiar with Stud poker easy to grasp: you and the dealer get dealt five cards from a deck. If you think that your hand will beat the dealer's, you make a bet. If you beat his hand, you win.

The beauty of online Caribbean Stud is that you can enjoy games for free, or aim for a special Progressive Jackpot. Let's take a closer look at this fast and furious card game.

Find the best free Caribbean Stud games online:

  • Try out strategies and gameplay for free before you commit with cash
  • Enjoy big-money progressive jackpots and side bets
  • Make your Caribbean Stud play pay with a welcome bonus

History of Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud began life, allegedly, as the brainchild of famous poker pro, David Sklansky. In Sklansky's version, the dealer was given five cards, with two 'face up' cards showing. The aim of the game was to beat the dealer's hand with your own five-card poker hand. Essentially, it was a form of Stud poker but played against the house rather than other players.

A version of the game arrived in Aruba (hence the Caribbean name) and became popular at local casinos and on cruise liners.

Whatever the true story, Caribbean Stud is now popular in resorts and Las Vegas. US players will usually find the game at online casinos only. However, with online Caribbean Stud the stakes can be much lower than their land-based cousins.

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Caribbean Stud Poker

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How to Play Caribbean Stud Online

The aim of Caribbean Stud Poker is to beat the dealer's 5-card poker hand with a better hand.

Placing Bets: When you sit down at a table or load up an online game, you'll have to start off paying the ante. There is a clear 'ANTE' spot on the table - just drag and drop chips onto the space. Some progressive Caribbean Stud games (see below) will have a slit on the screen where you make your side bets.

By clicking the 'Deal' button, each player, and the dealer, will receive five cards. The players' are face up while the Dealer will show one card face up (for all players to see) and four down.

Based on what you can see face up, it's up to you to remain in the hand or 'fold' (discard) your cards. If you stay in, you double your ante and place it on the 'Call' or 'Bet' space. This is also known as a raise. The dealer reveals his cards, and the highest poker hand wins.

Hands are ranked in classic poker fashion, with a Royal Flush the best hand, going down to the high card:

Royal Flush (10-J-Q-K-A same suit)
Straight Flush (e.g. 3-4-5-6-7 same suit)
Four of a Kind (e.g. 5-5-5-5)
Full House (a pair and a 3-of-a-kind e.g. 2-2-J-J-J)
Flush (five of the same suit)
Straight (five cards in consecutive order)
Three of a Kind (e.g. A-J-6-6-6)
Two Pair (e.g. A-J-J-10-10)
One Pair (e.g. A-A-2-5-9)
High card (e.g. A-4-7-8-10)

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