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Shuffle Master Slot Machines

Shuffle Master/SHFL Entertainment is an established table game and electronic terminal manufacturer. It has years of experience in developing Electronic Table Systems (e-Tables) for casinos as well as innovating baccarat, craps and Pai Gow to allow casinos to introduce side bets.

It now forms part of the SG Gaming giant, along with many established slots and online gaming brands. However, its range of leading casino products makes Shuffle Master stand out from the crowd. Let's take a peek at what Shuffle Master offers the punter in 2017.

About Shuffle Master: The Casino Games Pioneer

Shuffle Master has a history entrenched in the 1970s MIT card-counting scandals. Back in the day, card counters were able to take advantage of weak dealers who weren’t shuffling the cards well enough.

John Breeding spotted the need for a mechanised approach, and designed one of the first card shufflers to be used in Vegas casinos. Shuffle Master's first machines handled one deck at a time, and even a single-deck game - Let It Ride - was invented to take advantage.

Setting up HQ in Sin City, Shuffle Master moved into slot machines, partnering up with established players in the 1990s like IGT. Around the late 1990s and early 2000s, Shuffle Master continued to developer new table games of its own and bought up smaller casino developers like BET Technology.

One of Shuffle Master's star buyouts was Stargames Ltd, which produced one of the first electronic roulette terminals, used in conjunction with a real-life physical wheel which decided bets. The company moved into online poker briefly by purchasing the Ongame Network.

Shuffle Master, which had enjoyed one of the strongest monopolies in card shufflers, was spreading its wings. However, in 2013 - by which time the gaming firm was known as SHFL Entertainment - it was bought out by Bally Technologies for $1.3 billion. A year later Bally itself was the subject of a $3.3 billion buy-out by SG Gaming (Scientific Games). SHFL Entertainment now finds itself under the same umbrella as leaders in the industry like WMS Gaming, Barcrest, and Bally.

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