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Genesis Gaming Slot Machines

One of the world's leading slots developers, Genesis Gaming Inc. has been producing top-quality slots out of its Las Vegas base for years.

And it's not just its own banner from which it releases games; Genesis has produced some excellent games in partnership with major players like Microgaming and Gamesys too.

In 2014, Genesis produced its 100th game, and the firm shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Let's take a closer look at the developer rocking the over-crowded online and mobile market.

About Genesis Gaming

Formed in 2008 from a team of gaming experts with years of experience in the industry, Genesis has grown to become one of the leading providers of iGaming titles.

Video slots are produced for general release, or bespoke titles customised for clients in the gambling industry.

Because of the Genesis team's experience in land-based slots, some manufacturers have teamed up with the company to help produce new games. As a result, Genesis's land-based titles tend to be a little more innovative to keep the players coming back.

Founder Steven Meistrich left the company in 2013, but the firm stressed at the time that its direction was unchanged. The same year, Genesis unveiled a new strategy towards the growing mobile gaming industry.

It announced it was using ConceptionXD technology to help launch new titles quickly across multiple platforms. 2013 saw new slots released simultaneously online in Flash and in HTML5 for mobile phones. East of the Sun, West of the Moon, was released as the first of the new ConceptionXD titles.

More recently, Genesis announced a new direction, with social casino players targeted. Machine Gun Unicorn and Bier Fest were released in 2015 with social and mobile users specifically in mind - particularly in the growing US market. And with states slow to regulate online/mobile gambling, the social casino industry is taking up the slack.

Indeed, in October 2015 Genesis Gaming announced a deal to provide a portfolio of Flash and HTML5 slots to the US-based social casino supplier, Big Stack Technologies.

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