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Starting out as a firm that concentrated solely on online bingo software, Gamesys has adapted to become one of the most prominent suppliers of slots and gambling games around.

With big-brand tie-ins like Deal or No Deal and Bedazzled to partnering up with some of the biggest online bingo firms around, Gamesys are one of those firms with their fingers well and truly in the top pies on the Internet.

Let's take a closer look at the US firm shaking up gambling in Britain.

About Gamesys

Gamesys was formed in 2001, with the firm differing a little to traditional land-based gaming firms in that it had absolutely no background in casinos.

Rumour has it founder Noel Hayden got the bug playing Space Invaders in the lobby of his father's hotel and was hooked on games from there on in. Incredibly, Hayden is still only 43 yet is worth a reported $200 million.

Gamesys was truly put on the map when JackpotJoy was launched a year after formation but JackpotJoy was just the start of the journey into major US-concentrated online gambling sites.

After hitting 100,000 members on the bingo and slots site, a deal was struck to launch the company's first branded slot - Deal or No Deal - based on the popular TV gameshow.

News International caught whiff of the company's nous in the industry, and in 2008 partnered up with Gamesys to help launch Sun Bingo!, part of the tabloid newspaper dynasty.

Gamesys launched the first real-money game on Facebook - Bingo & Slots Friendzy - in 2012, and boasted over 4 million real-cash bets during its first year of operation. That didn't stop the Facebook app being quietly ditched two years later without much explanation.

Partnerships with Virgin Games and Starspins followed, plus a tie-up with New Jersey's Tropicana casino in 2013 after the state passed pro-online gambling legislation. Gamesys subsequently became the first company to launch real-money online bingo in the USA.

The company now boasts a staff of almost 1,000 spread across seven offices around the world and a portfolio bulging with over 250 games.

Gamesys obviously likes to position itself away from more traditional firms like IGT and Bally. The meeting rooms have grass instead of hard floors, pool competitions are laid on for staff, and free sweets are on offer for any visitors. So far, so trendy start-up, but Gamesys has the connections, the brands, and the cutting edge software to justify any hipster allowances.

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