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Credit Cards

Credit CardMajor credit cards have long been used by slots players to move funds in and out of their accounts. They are easy to get hold of, the credit limits can be healthy, and if you get a good deal the interest rates fairly low.

According to latest statistics, the US accounts for 30 percent of card spending in the EU, with around $1.5 billion in purchases made last year alone. In 2014, almost 1.5 trillion pounds was owed by US residents on their flexible friends.

That's a staggering figure, but shows just how much we've fallen in love with plastic in this country.

As a result, most of the top US-facing casinos happily accept credit cards for deposits - some allow withdrawals as well. In addition to availability, credit cards benefit from world-leading security and fraud protection if your casino goes belly-up.

At a Glance

Credit Card Pluses

  • Quick and easy access to funds and casino bonuses
  • Accepted widely at most US slots casinos
  • Secure and safe transactions

Credit Card Minuses

  • Cash advance fees may apply
  • Higher interest rates for gambling transactions
  • Withdrawals sometimes prohibited

Typical Deposit Times: Instant

Typical Withdrawal Times: 2-5 business days

US fees: Free (credit card charges vary - check with your provider)

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Making Deposits and Withdrawals

Making a deposit using a credit card is simple: the Cashier will usually have VISA and MasterCard options in the menu. Just select the method and enter the amount of cash you want to transfer. Hit the 'Submit' button and funds will be transferred straight away.

Withdrawals are done in the same way, via the Cashier. It's worth noting some casinos operate 'Net Deposits'. That is, an anti-money laundering safety measure that requires the cash-out to go back to the same card as was used to deposit. MasterCard in particular is a stickler for only allowing withdrawals back to the same MasterCard; a second card will be prohibited.

Credit Card Fees and Process Times

As with most deposit options, some fees usually apply. Not from the casino (they will waive any transaction fees using a credit card) but from the card issuer themselves.

Most credit card deposits made for gambling are treated as a 'cash advance'. When you take money out of a cash machine using your credit card, you will incur both a cash advance fee AND a higher interest fee on the withdrawal.

Gambling transactions are treated the same: if you use your MasterCard or VISA to deposit to a casino, prepare yourself for slightly higher fees than if you were buying goods online.

Credit Card Security Issues

As global leaders in payments, credit cards offer some of the best security on the planet.

VISA and MasterCard both use the latest 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to make sure transactions are safe.

Plus, credit card firms usually have insurance in place in case your casino goes bust. If that happens, and you loaded your account via a card, you may be able to get your money back.

Always be aware of having to input extra passwords when depositing (Verified by VISA or SecureCode for MasterCard) too. These are extra layers of security laid on by the card provider. After making a deposit you may be re-directed to your issuer's site to input an extra unique code. This authenticates your credit card and confirms that the deposit is genuine.

Also, and this is for the bankroll management experts among you, keep your credit card transactions consistent. Some card-issuing providers treat multiple credit card transactions as fraud. If you find you have to make a dozen deposits of $10 every day, avoid any problems by depositing everything in one go.

Credit Cards For Non-US Players

US slots players in New Jersey and Delaware have been enjoying legalized games for a couple of years. But while the laws have opened up Stateside, the good news hasn't always filtered down the credit card issuers.

Declined deposits from VISA, Diners and MasterCard players have been a huge issue recently, but things are beginning to loosen up. Deposits are normally fee-free for US players, at least at point of casino, but the card issuers tend to treat gambling as a 'cash advance'. As such, extra fees apply.

In other countries that have regulated online slots, credit card payments are also treated as cash advances. That can mean an extra charge of around 3% the deposit amount plus a higher interest.

In addition, withdrawals to some credit cards are prohibited. Overseas players should always have an alternative payment method like an e-wallet or bank transfer to hand when cashing out.

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