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Cayetano Gaming

Some software developers stay independent, carrying on their merry way producing small games for a niche market.

Others get snapped up by major companies and go from strength to strength.

The case in point is Cayetano Gaming, a Bulgaria-based outfit that began life in the Isle of Man and is now completely owned and managed by Paddy Power PLC.

As well as mobile and online slots and table games, Cayetano produces automated web systems and back-end platforms for operators. Not just a pretty face, then.

About Cayetano Gaming

It's amazing to think that in the space of just a few years, Cayetano have gone from a 5-handed software outfit in Bulgaria to being one of the leading slots and table game developers.

A buy-out by Paddy Power obviously played a hand in the firm's fortunes. But a solid knowledge of the industry, together with some designers who know their way round the best of cutting edge tech, have led the Cayetano to become one of the most respected players about.

Cayetano started out life with just a handful of software engineers. Formed in 2009 by a founder, who had a background in the financial services sector, the company released their first game in 2010. A year later, they were awarded a gaming licence from Alderney. This gave the company an in-road into some of the biggest gambling sites on the internet.

From Alderney to Ireland as leading bookmaker and online gambling firm, Paddy Power, acquired Cayetano (as CT Networks) in late 2011. Partnerships were nothing new for Cayetano, who'd already struck deals with operators like Sky Vegas to provide slots and games, but the acquisition was a big gamble for the Irish betting giant.

As a result, Cayetano started to release more and more games - launching their 50th game in 2013 - and some good-quality branded Paddy Power slots to boot. Cayetano now produces leading online slots and table games for both desktop and mobile platforms.

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